Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sign for Primavera Hair Styling

I did this one for my mom's hair salon 15th year anniversary. Can you believe it... 15 years! Yeah... Go Mom.

It took a lot of creativity and a lot of my husband and dad's help to hang it on the building :-)

I used a smooth outdoor plywood quality along with exterior paints to create the stripes. I used the Provo Craft black vinyl to cut the letters. I used the Calligraphy Collection cartridge to cut all the letters except the "P." I used Sure Cuts a Lot 1 to cut a "P" I found on the internet (of those free font websites).  I used outdoor latex clear coatings (several of them) to paint over the entire sign after the letters were adhered.

The sign is about 7 feet across by 4 feet tall. My husband cut the oval using the jig saw.

Website for Primavera

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